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Codee Turley
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Semi-Truck & Heavy Equipment Experts

We here at All-American Power Wash have over 32 combined years in the trucking and construction industry. We love trucks and heavy equipment. They really are fun to operate and drive. We know how much this expensive equipment cost, and that sometimes you are too busy running your business that routine cleaning can get overlooked. And let's face it, most operators and drivers don't have the time or the ambition to wash their equipment after their work is done.

On top of understanding the expense of these fine pieces of equipment, we also know that pride and image can go a long way. Every truck and trailer is a billboard for your business. Make the best first impression on your next job. If you have good looking trucks, your driver will want to drive them. If your equipment is clean and greased, your operators will take care of them. The opposite is also true. We have all seen that one piece of equipment or truck that nobody wants to be in. Don't let that happen! Show your employees that you care about your stuff. If you don't, then they won't either.

All-American Power Wash knows how to wash everything. We know where the sensitive parts are located and how to clean them safely. Grease is nasty, but it's no problem for us. From a quick rinse off to a full detail, we are the guys for the job. Owner Operators to big fleets too. Ten wheelers to side dumps. Backhoes to dozers. We can even polish up the Boss's new half ton or grocery getter. Literally anything that needs to be washed we can clean it. We can work with almost any budget.

For pricing or more information call Codee @ 801-618-1617

"A dirty truck is a magnet for DOT inspections"

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